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The Schaeffler Dance

The birth of the dance dates back to 1517, when the plague raged in Munich. The shops where closed,
the farmers no longer dared to go to the city and not only the food supply, but also the social life came to a standstill.

Of course, this was also a legacy for the guid of Fassmacher. So the „Schäffler“ came up with the idea
to cheer the people through a cheerful spectacle and to lure them out of their homes.
Musik sounded and the „Schäffler“ performed a round dance with green leafy bows.
So it was lively again on the streets of Munich and the „Schäffler“ had reached their target.

For glory and remembrance, this tradition continues every 7 years from the Epiphany Day im January
until Carnival. This year, 2019 it was time again.

But you do not have to wait 7 years to see the „Schäffler“ dance, because in the „Glockenspiel“ at the town hall
they dance daily. On a private city tour through Munich, we will introduce you to the history of the „Schäffler“.

Or you plan to visit Munich in 2026 to see them dancing live.

The team of Maximilian Moser Concierge Service will be glad to help you.